The Digital Storytellers Academy are always interested in expanding our teaching to anyone who is interested in learning about filmmaking, digital graphics and games design. While we normally teach at weekends and in the evenings in our dedicated Studio settings, we also cater for teaching in schools.

By arrangement, DSA can teach either during the day as part of delivering components of art and media classes, or by running after school clubs for students.

If your school is interested in hosting Digital Storyteller Academy sessions or forming a teaching partnership, do not hesitate to get in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Student Course Confirmation

If you have student(s) who has indicated that they are attending a Digital Storytellers Academy Studio, please confirm that they are on an associated subject or course under your supervision. By doing so, the student is entitled to a 33% discount of membership fees for the first 6 months of membership.

Please ensure that the email address that you provide is an authorised email address within your educational body - a confirmation of this submission will be sent to that address.