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Digital Storytellers Academy is aimed at all age groups, but we sub-divide classes into two principle groups - the Mature Crew, and 'young(er)' students, called the Youth Crew.

In regards to learning, there are no differences between the material which the Youth Crew and the Mature Crew are taught - both result in the same range of skills and certifications.

Where the two crews differ is purely in the approach to teaching, and the subject matter that may be used as a goal for film, design and games production in order to offer a more appropriate portfolio content.

An example of the range of skills that are taught includes:

Core Modules

Optional Modules


How The Age Group Works

The Youth Crew for younger students cover all age groups from Year 7 (this first year of UK high-school, typically 10 years old and above), up to 17 years old.

Students above 17 years old but not automatically qualifying as a 'mature student' are permitted, with the agreement of the Studio Manager and parents, carers and guardians, to chose to enter either the Youth Crew group or the Mature Crew. This decision is often based upon the current breakdown of each group's members at the specific DSA Studio which the student has joined - for example, a Studio with a large number of young mature students in the Mature Crew is often a good choice for 18 years olds and above.

Within the Younger group, students are further sub-divided into working groups for practical work based upon common age and ability.


Pre-High School Students

The Digital Storytellers Academy do not offer a dedicated age group for students younger than the 1st year of high school. As tuition in the target subjects requires a certain level of maturity, DSA prefer to dictate the inclusion of younger students at the discretion of Studio Managers in consultation with parents, carers and guardians.

We fully recognise however, that an enthusiastic and willing young film-maker can be far better than many adults, and so we offer the possibility for inclusion at a DSA Studio based upon these targets.

If you have a child who really wants to learn the skills offered by a DSA Studio, then by all means make contact and we will put you in touch with a DSA Studio Manager for consultation. If there are sufficient younger students at a Studio, it is always possible to create a dynamic Youth Crew only comprising of the specific age group.