Learning Digital Storytelling with the Academy can lead to many things in your life...

As A Hobbyist Film Maker

If you are just looking at filmmaking as a hobby, the Academy can ensure that you not only learn the skills in controlling the camera, but also all of the other associated skills with putting together your personal projects and experience in using equipment suitable for the job.

Along with the obvious creation of small drama films, many film hobbyists use their skills in conjunction with other interests, putting together documentaries covering a range of subjects from Rail to Wildlife.

As A Digital Content Creator

The use of the visual internet has ballooned in recent years, from traditional platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion to newer platforms like TikTok.

Many example of content are pretty appalling recordings done with mobile phones, but with the right skills you may well be able to attract the right audience to your channels and become a productive digital content creator.

For Further Education

Filmmaking education in the UK really begins in its purest form in the latter stages of high school and in further education. Before this, it tends to be included within more general media education such as iCreative Media subjects. The subject 'Film Studies' covers more the underlying concepts of film rather than the practical aspects of making it.

The Digital Storytellers Academy is therefore the perfect primer for filmmaking education and other allied digital skills - whether that education is at level 3 (A levels, BTEC etc.) or into higher levels such as HNC and D, or even degree level filmmaking. For our younger students, we will ensure a filmmaking education suitable for your age group and to act as a foundation for going further.

Regardless however, DSA ensures that we provide a perfect place to learn and explore your ability to create portfolio content.

For An Industry Career

Not everyone who enters the film industry pass through high education study. While many do, the creative industries are known for recognising skill and experience perhaps far more than most industries.

By providing a medium to learn both academic and practical skills, it does not matter whether you choose to move into higher forms of education in the subject area or create productions that prove your skills, the Digital Storytellers Academy will support you in making the most of your endeavours to enter the film industry, whether that is within the mainstream industry or the indie marketplace.